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# 1126 Gilbert 10 Aug 15 Houston, TX
Very cool! I'm new to the streets and just needed food to get me by. This person handed me Taco Cabana and $10 CASH!!! I told him to take a pic with my cell so I can post this :). He told me to use the cash to buy couple bottles of water and hand a person a bottle water while waiting at red light. Say's to do good for someone else and it will come back to me. I'm hoping it will! Thanks!
8/12/2015 Susan P
what a great gesture!
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# 1004 Jana T 9 Aug 15 Conroe, TX
Wow!!! Sow it forward? I've never heard of this, but just got lucky! I went inside Exxon to pay for a gas fill up and the cashier told me that some lady paid for my gas while inside. He handed me this card and told me that lady said to Sow it forward!!! I viewed this site and wow, I love the idea tracking my future good deeds growing. But also, I get to see what's before me. So cool!!! Thanks lady at Exxon!!!
8/12/2015 Susan P
So awesome!!
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# 1052 Amber S. 7 Aug 15 Deer Park, TX
So I was arriving home and saw this man blowing my driveway. I took a quick pic of him (see photo attached). I told him he had the wrong house for lawn service. He spoke broken english, but told me "its ok, its ok, this is good deed from me to you". I was floored with a big smile. He handed me this card and told me to "sow it forward". Who ever thought of this website and idea is awesome!!!! I will be glad to sow it forward.
8/7/2015 Raul Sanchez
So awesome! Thank you so much for sharing Amber!
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# 1004 Amanda 5 Aug 15 Conroe, TX
I'm blessed by today's good deed. I was in line at grocery store and the cashier gave me a a note with a card telling me that some lady ahead of me paid my groceries. Check out the picture I posted here! I struggle hard working to feed my 4 kids. The kids father barely makes enough for little child support I get. So to have my entire grocery bill paid from a stranger tells me that there are still good people in my community. That you who ever you are for buying my groceries. This website is really a great idea. I will do my best to 'sow it forward' as the card says.
8/5/2015 Raul Sanchez
Too awesome! Thanks for sharing this!!
8/7/2015 Amber S.
So awesome!!! love this website!
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# 1126 Tracey T 2 Aug 15 Houston, TX
A true blessing moment! I was at a stop sign waiting to approach the main street. A man walked up to me trying to get my attention. I was trying not to look at him, but he insisted by standing in front of my door. So i rolled my window down and told him "I don't have anything for you, sorry". He responded "I have something for you. You look dehydrated, so I wanted to give you my last cold bottle water." I told him no thank you. but he insisted. He said that a man gave him this Sowing Deeds card at gas station and told him to do something good for someone else, because something good was given to him by that man. He told me that if he did something good without return expectations, then maybe God will see his heart and bless him with more construction job pickups. He was right! My brother owns a construction company and I was glad to take his bottle water and his contact info. Who ever the man was that gave him (Herman) the card, well Mr. Man, thank you for doing something good for the jobless construction worker, who now has a job opportunity just because he offered me a cold bottle water :-). As the card says "Sow it Forward. Watch good deeds grow", i will definitely continue this.
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# 1192 Raul Sanchez 30 Jul 15 Houston, TX
Something testimonial happened tonight. As I was in FedEx Kinkos printing my thank you mailers for SowingDeeds card requests, a lady at the counter complimented my logo. So I took the opportunity to share with her my story of starting SowingDeeds. Long story short, she (Wanda owner of First Cup Cafe) was filled with joy from my story that she immediately offered a donation for the growth of SowingDeeds. I was overwhelmed and thankful. A true blessing. She then handed me the card I gave to her to perform a random act of kindness. Now I will be happy to Sow it Forward! Thank you Wanda!
8/5/2015 First Cup Cafe
Wow! Very seldom am I shocked or surprised by anything.....until today. I met Raul, founder of SowingDeeds.com last Thursday, around midnight while making copies of our menu (First Cup Cafe - our motto "Confident about coffee. Passionate about people.") for a Grand Opening we were having the next morning. I noticed his logo, a heart between the words SowingDeeds. When I heard about the birth of SowingDeeds I was overcome with emotion and emptied my wallet, giving Raul the change from a $100 bill. With so much violence in the world, towards people and animals it was SO refreshing to hear of a platform that prompted "good". After speaking with Raul my heart was full of joy and I quickly returned to our coffee shop, posted his website information in our store and told everyone! I never went to bed that night. Well, Raul blessed First Cup Cafe today by sending KHOU reporter, Rekha Muddaraj to our store (that just RECENTLY OPEN) to discussed our support of the website. The day after I met Raul, I functioned all day on pure adrenaline thinking of what impact our small seed would have on SowingDeeds.. never thinking he would pay the deed backwards. Thanks Raul! Praying that SowingDeeds grow to heights bigger than life itself. #passionateaoutpeople
8/5/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you very much Wanda! Appreciate your words of support. May shop - First Cup Cafe, grow fast... very fast.
8/6/2015 Monica Rodriguez
Your a great man for starting this. God bless you always. I just signed up.
8/9/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you very much Monica!!! Let's all move our world to a goodness contagious community!
8/12/2015 Susan P
Nice job Raul!
9/8/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
Thank you Wanda for blessing Raul and Sowing Deeds with your kindness!
9/8/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you Mary Lou!!! Be blessed and sow it forward!
10/28/2015 Cynthia C
Really good stuff Raul! Thanks for this concept!
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# 1194 Wendy 30 Jul 15 Houston, TX
After working a 10 hour day & a long week at work, my daughter & I drove thru taco cabana to pick up dinner & unexpectedly the car in front of us paid for our meal & gave us the card... So we paid for the car behind us & passed the card. God is good & what a great way to end a hard day????
7/30/2015 E
If you paid for my Merl thank you so much! Was a blessing to us!
7/30/2015 Wendy
You're welcome and God Bless.
7/30/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thanks for sharing Wendy! Please feel free to request more cards from the menu above. Cards are free :)! God bless and Sow it forward!
7/31/2015 Wendy
I sure will, my husband wants some cards after we told him about it:)
7/31/2015 Raul Sanchez
awesome! Thank you and your husband for support Wendy.
8/7/2015 Amber S.
9/8/2015 Amanda
Amen Wendy, GOD is definitely good!
9/24/2015 Jessica S.
Very nice! Let's see how far #1194 goes Wendy :)
9/29/2015 Angie A
Wow 10 hrs a day? God bless you Wendy. Praying for more good deeds your way.
10/28/2015 Cynthia C
God bless you Wendy!!
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# 1194 E 30 Jul 15 Houston, TX
We don't usually eat out for financial reasons. My husband went to get us dinner because we had a long day and were getting in late. When he went to pay at taco cabana the cashier handed him this card and said that our meal had been paid for. What a wonderful surprise and really makes us see that with all the bad in this world there is good being done. Can't wait to pay it forward. Thank you kind stranger!
7/30/2015 Raul Sanchez
Awesome, thank you for sharing E. Please feel free to request more cards from the above menu. Cards are free :). Instead of pay it forward, I have started a new trend phrase "Sow it forward".
8/7/2015 Amber S.
Blessings to you and family!
8/12/2015 Susan P
Really great story. Thanks for sharing E
9/8/2015 Amanda
God bless you E and thanks for sharing this story. I am reading all these for the first time and growing to love the concept. I am so ready to see how far my one good deed can grow.
10/28/2015 Cynthia C
neat story :-)
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# 1126 Herman G 29 Jul 15 Houston, TX
I was sitting on floor outside of Valero at Shephard Dr. Exhausted from heat while I wait for a pickup for construction work. This guy came out of store and gave me a big gatorade bottle, snacks and 5 bucks! I was very thankful and asked why he did this. He told me that I looked dehydrated. He then said to Sow It Forward. He handed me a card and asked for me to do something good for someone. He told me that I can track how far my good deed can go :) Thanks to who ever gave me the drinks & snacks!
7/29/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thanks for sowing it forward Herman!
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# 1004 Shelly Sanchez 8 Dec 14 Other, TX
Jake took great care of my pug, Rosco, on Thanksgiving day when he got into barbwire. He cleaned his wounds and cared for him for several days while my mother was in the hospital.
12/8/2014 Jake Duncan
Hey Shelly! I hope your mom and your little cutie Rosco are feeling much better! ?? I can't wait to see how you sow it forward. Long live card #1004!
12/8/2014 Raul Sanchez
Awssome! Thanks for sharing Shelly and Jake! I'm looking forward to seeing card #1004 bless many other people with good deeds by sowing it forward! ;-)
9/8/2015 Amanda
How's Rosco doing now? This SowingDeeds is such an awesome thing. Looking forward to seeing how far these good deeds actually grow into.
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# 1059 Christina S. 8 Dec 14 Houston, TX
I’ve passed by this sign daily on Raul’s cube wall (take a smile) for the past 2 weeks and every day I pass it, I laugh silently, because I thought it was dumb for him to insist on us to take a smile. Today was different… today I woke up depressed and down because of a horrible ending to a long relationship last night. I didn’t feel like coming into work today and simply wanted to stay home and cry. As I got off the elevator, I was still down, but then I walked near Raul’s cube and there it was… 2 smiles left! I walked into his cubicle and smiled at him. I thanked him very much for making me smile and I needed this in so many ways. He handed me a Sowing Deeds card and said “I would like for you to make someone else smile by sowing it forward”. I will definitely make someone smile and will gladly hand this card to that person. Thanks for this!!?
12/9/2014 Raul Sanchez
Hi Christina! I was really happy that my 'smiles' paper post on my cube captured your mood at the right time and right place :-). Have wonderful day and don't forget to Sow it Forward!
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# 1400 Henry Jacobs 6 Dec 14 Amarillo, TX
Thank you very much for fixing my car Dan!!! For you to tell me that I don't need to pay you, but to sow it forward to another person is really something man! I appreciate that and I appreciate this new idea floating around. I don't know how long this website has existed, but I'm glad I'm a part of this!! Thanks again Dan and sowing deeds! Now I just need to find someone else to bless :)
12/7/2014 Dan Morgan
You're welcome Henry! Thank John Mendez for doing his good deed to me, which I sowed it forward to you. Just keep #1400 going Brotha!!
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# 1052 Charles Sampson 5 Dec 14 Houston, TX
Thank u so much for helping me push my truck from traffic. My truck broke down off I-10 & Heights in the middle 6pm traffic. Some guy parked his car in front of traffic to get out and push my truck 60 yards to safety. He told me his name Richard (I think), and give me this sowing deeds card and told me to Sow it Forward. Thank you Richard I'm excited to Bless someone else in need. My apologies if I got your name wrong, but thank you very much :).
12/5/2014 Richard T
Lol.. You got my name right Charles! You're welcome sir! Now sow it forward!! :)
12/6/2014 Charles Sampson
I will!!! Thank you!
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# 1400 Dan Morgan 4 Dec 14 Amarillo, TX
I think this is really a neat idea! My wife and I have 4 boys and yesterday while at Chili's this stranger came to our table and paid for our food. It may not be much to others, but times are hard with our jobs, and feeding 4 growing boys can get expensive!!. He never gave us his name, but he gave me this card and asked me to post how we were impacted yesterday with this good deed, then asked to sow it forward. I will definitely Sow It Forward!!! Thank you very much for this great idea!
12/4/2014 Raul Sanchez
That's really awesome!! Thanks for sharing Dan!
12/4/2014 John Mendez
You're welcome Dan! ;-)
12/4/2014 Dan Morgan
Thank you Raul! Thanks again John :-)
8/31/2015 Raul Sanchez
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