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# 2445 Darlene Jarrar 15 Aug 15
Card Originator
# 2445 Raul Sanchez 15 Aug 15 Houston, TX
Awesome random act of kindness from Darlene Jarrar. Thank you so much for the TEXANS tickets, parking pass and ONE HUNDRED$!!! (see attached photo). Thank you very much for this blessing. I will indeed Sow it forward with a good deed and pass this card along! Let's see how long this chain can grow. :)
8/15/2015 Darlene Jarrar
Raul, you have worked so hard on Sowing Deeds since I met you in May, 2014. You do not know how much it made my heart feel good to do this for you!
8/15/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you very much Darlene. The game tonight is definitely a way to celebrate hard work!! I'm excited for sowing deeds and how it will change our world.
9/8/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
This is a great donation Darlene. Raul, keep up the great job on sowing deeds. Soo looking forward to seeing the growth of good deeds and the growth of this social media of goodness concept.
9/24/2015 Jessica S.
Awesome good deed!!! Love this site by the way :)
9/29/2015 Angie A
Wow, nice deed Darlene!
12/13/2015 Rotary Club - Houston Skyline
Very cool! Way to go Darlene!
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