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# 1761 Sarah L 12 Aug 15
Card Originator
# 1761 Susan P 12 Aug 15 Boulder, CO
I was crying outside of my work office building. This woman came up to me offering to help. I told her "no one can help my situation!". I explained to her that I recently lost my job and I am pregnant. I felt like such a failure. She smiled at me and told me to have faith. Then told me that she has a brother who owns a company and is looking for an admin. I told her that I don't have resources to get her a resume. She replied "No resume needed, you are hired. I am going to tell my brother to hire you on the spot". I was so thankful and asked what I can do to show my appreciation. She told me to just Sow it Forward. She gave me this card and told me to post on sowingdeeds and then do something good for someone else. This is awesome!!!!
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