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# 1357 Michelle Zilai 18 Aug 15
Card Originator
# 1357 claire 26 Sep 15 Houston, TX
took my child out for ice cream today. when i got to the drive thru window to pay, i was told the person in front of me had paid for my order and had left me the card. what an awesome thing to do and what a great lesson for my child. there wasn't a customer behind me, so I left cash for them to apply to the next order they received. Great idea!!!! Thank you!!!
9/27/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
Too awesome!
9/28/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thanks for posting Claire. I'm excited to see how far #1357 goes. Keep the chain going ;)
9/29/2015 Angie A
Really great to see that your child was able to experience a random acts of kindness. Hopefully the next customer received your card with the cash credit ;-). Looking forward to seeing where this grows. This is good stuff.
10/28/2015 Cynthia C
too cool!
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