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# 1192 First Cup Cafe 30 Jul 15
Card Originator
# 1192 Cynthia C 28 Oct 15 Galveston, TX
Angie, thank you so much for randomly initiating tutoring for my son. I think this Sowing Deeds concept is awesome! My son was doing poorly in math last year and without asking, Angie insisted to help my son this year. I will be glad to pay this forward and see how far my good deed goes ;-).
11/6/2015 Raul Sanchez
This is awesome! Thank you for sharing Cynthia.
11/13/2015 First Cup Cafe
What a blessing Cynthia! A good deed goes a long way ...
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# 1192 Angie A 29 Sep 15 League City, TX
Thanks for the coffee, whom ever you are. This is an awesome concept. My turn ;-)! Looking forward to seeing how far my good deed will go.
10/12/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thanks for the post Angie. Keep on keeping on ;).
11/13/2015 First Cup Cafe
Wow Angie! Math is killing GPA's everywhere this school year. So kind of you to offer tutoring!!! Love it!
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# 1192 Raul Sanchez 30 Jul 15 Houston, TX
Something testimonial happened tonight. As I was in FedEx Kinkos printing my thank you mailers for SowingDeeds card requests, a lady at the counter complimented my logo. So I took the opportunity to share with her my story of starting SowingDeeds. Long story short, she (Wanda owner of First Cup Cafe) was filled with joy from my story that she immediately offered a donation for the growth of SowingDeeds. I was overwhelmed and thankful. A true blessing. She then handed me the card I gave to her to perform a random act of kindness. Now I will be happy to Sow it Forward! Thank you Wanda!
8/5/2015 First Cup Cafe
Wow! Very seldom am I shocked or surprised by anything.....until today. I met Raul, founder of SowingDeeds.com last Thursday, around midnight while making copies of our menu (First Cup Cafe - our motto "Confident about coffee. Passionate about people.") for a Grand Opening we were having the next morning. I noticed his logo, a heart between the words SowingDeeds. When I heard about the birth of SowingDeeds I was overcome with emotion and emptied my wallet, giving Raul the change from a $100 bill. With so much violence in the world, towards people and animals it was SO refreshing to hear of a platform that prompted "good". After speaking with Raul my heart was full of joy and I quickly returned to our coffee shop, posted his website information in our store and told everyone! I never went to bed that night. Well, Raul blessed First Cup Cafe today by sending KHOU reporter, Rekha Muddaraj to our store (that just RECENTLY OPEN) to discussed our support of the website. The day after I met Raul, I functioned all day on pure adrenaline thinking of what impact our small seed would have on SowingDeeds.. never thinking he would pay the deed backwards. Thanks Raul! Praying that SowingDeeds grow to heights bigger than life itself. #passionateaoutpeople
8/5/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you very much Wanda! Appreciate your words of support. May shop - First Cup Cafe, grow fast... very fast.
8/6/2015 Monica Rodriguez
Your a great man for starting this. God bless you always. I just signed up.
8/9/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you very much Monica!!! Let's all move our world to a goodness contagious community!
8/12/2015 Susan P
Nice job Raul!
9/8/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
Thank you Wanda for blessing Raul and Sowing Deeds with your kindness!
9/8/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you Mary Lou!!! Be blessed and sow it forward!
10/28/2015 Cynthia C
Really good stuff Raul! Thanks for this concept!
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