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# 1126 Raul Sanchez 29 Jul 15
Card Originator
# 1126 Jessica S. 24 Sep 15 Austin, TX
WoW!! i love this idea! Some random person paid for my gas today. I walked inside Exxon to pay, and the guy told me that i have a $20 credit. I was like "uhm, I haven't swiped my card yet". He then handed me this Sowing Deeds card and told me that an earlier customer gave him $20 to pay for the next gas customer. This is awesome I will Sow it Forward as the card say's ;-)
9/27/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
Really great story to read.
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# 1126 Gilbert 10 Aug 15 Houston, TX
Very cool! I'm new to the streets and just needed food to get me by. This person handed me Taco Cabana and $10 CASH!!! I told him to take a pic with my cell so I can post this :). He told me to use the cash to buy couple bottles of water and hand a person a bottle water while waiting at red light. Say's to do good for someone else and it will come back to me. I'm hoping it will! Thanks!
8/12/2015 Susan P
what a great gesture!
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# 1126 Tracey T 2 Aug 15 Houston, TX
A true blessing moment! I was at a stop sign waiting to approach the main street. A man walked up to me trying to get my attention. I was trying not to look at him, but he insisted by standing in front of my door. So i rolled my window down and told him "I don't have anything for you, sorry". He responded "I have something for you. You look dehydrated, so I wanted to give you my last cold bottle water." I told him no thank you. but he insisted. He said that a man gave him this Sowing Deeds card at gas station and told him to do something good for someone else, because something good was given to him by that man. He told me that if he did something good without return expectations, then maybe God will see his heart and bless him with more construction job pickups. He was right! My brother owns a construction company and I was glad to take his bottle water and his contact info. Who ever the man was that gave him (Herman) the card, well Mr. Man, thank you for doing something good for the jobless construction worker, who now has a job opportunity just because he offered me a cold bottle water :-). As the card says "Sow it Forward. Watch good deeds grow", i will definitely continue this.
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# 1126 Herman G 29 Jul 15 Houston, TX
I was sitting on floor outside of Valero at Shephard Dr. Exhausted from heat while I wait for a pickup for construction work. This guy came out of store and gave me a big gatorade bottle, snacks and 5 bucks! I was very thankful and asked why he did this. He told me that I looked dehydrated. He then said to Sow It Forward. He handed me a card and asked for me to do something good for someone. He told me that I can track how far my good deed can go :) Thanks to who ever gave me the drinks & snacks!
7/29/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thanks for sowing it forward Herman!
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