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# 1004 Jake Duncan 8 Dec 14
Card Originator
# 1004 Terry J 23 Aug 15 San Antonio, TX
So blessed to have good people in TEXAS!! Returning to San Antonio on I-10 and ran out of gas 20 miles before Bucee's. This lady and her bf pulled over to help. Without hesitation, they took me to Bucee's, bought me a gas can and filled with gas. Returned me and left. They didn't want payment back, they just handed me this Sowing Deeds card and told me to do something good for someone else and post how they impacted me. This is awesome!!! Thank you so much which ever your name is. I didn't get ya'lls name! I'm going to move card forward with kindness to someone else. Excited about this!!!
8/31/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you for sending this continuing the chain of good deeds through San Antonio. Awesome! :-)
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# 1004 Jana T 9 Aug 15 Conroe, TX
Wow!!! Sow it forward? I've never heard of this, but just got lucky! I went inside Exxon to pay for a gas fill up and the cashier told me that some lady paid for my gas while inside. He handed me this card and told me that lady said to Sow it forward!!! I viewed this site and wow, I love the idea tracking my future good deeds growing. But also, I get to see what's before me. So cool!!! Thanks lady at Exxon!!!
8/12/2015 Susan P
So awesome!!
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# 1004 Amanda 5 Aug 15 Conroe, TX
I'm blessed by today's good deed. I was in line at grocery store and the cashier gave me a a note with a card telling me that some lady ahead of me paid my groceries. Check out the picture I posted here! I struggle hard working to feed my 4 kids. The kids father barely makes enough for little child support I get. So to have my entire grocery bill paid from a stranger tells me that there are still good people in my community. That you who ever you are for buying my groceries. This website is really a great idea. I will do my best to 'sow it forward' as the card says.
8/5/2015 Raul Sanchez
Too awesome! Thanks for sharing this!!
8/7/2015 Amber S.
So awesome!!! love this website!
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# 1004 Shelly Sanchez 8 Dec 14 Other, TX
Jake took great care of my pug, Rosco, on Thanksgiving day when he got into barbwire. He cleaned his wounds and cared for him for several days while my mother was in the hospital.
12/8/2014 Jake Duncan
Hey Shelly! I hope your mom and your little cutie Rosco are feeling much better! ?? I can't wait to see how you sow it forward. Long live card #1004!
12/8/2014 Raul Sanchez
Awssome! Thanks for sharing Shelly and Jake! I'm looking forward to seeing card #1004 bless many other people with good deeds by sowing it forward! ;-)
9/8/2015 Amanda
How's Rosco doing now? This SowingDeeds is such an awesome thing. Looking forward to seeing how far these good deeds actually grow into.
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