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Sow it forward. Watch good deeds grow. 
What’s better than a good deed?  More good deeds. Watch one good deed impact many. Request Kindness Cards to get started and witness your random act of kindness grow through your city... our nation... our world.

How to grow your good deed: 

  1. Login to SowingDeeds.com
  2. Register Kindness Card
  3. Perform a random act of kindness
  4. Give card to the lucky recipient of your good deed. Ask the recipient to login to SowingDeeds.com and share their experience on how you impacted their day
  5. Tell lucky recipient to sow it forward!
  6. Login to track your good deed as it grows.

Note: Good deeds are tracked when the unique card number on the Kindness Card is listed in association with a post citing a random act of kindness, on deeds feed page.

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