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# 2913 Elissa Shelton 7 Apr 16 Houston, TX
Met Raul at Starbucks! Card given for watching his computer! What an amazing concept! I can't wait to to sow it forward!!
5/11/2016 Raul Sanchez
Thanks so much Elissa. Looking forward to seeing card # 2913 chain grow. Stay tuned for the future launch of Sowing Deeds Marketing strategy launching Mid June. Kind regards, Raul
11/26/2016 Raul Sanchez
Awesome! ??????
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# 2924 Raul Sanchez 29 Feb 16 Houston, TX
Thanks for your donation Clive! Appreciate the generosity. I'm looking forward to pay it forward.
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# 2924 clive heyn 29 Feb 16 Houston, TX
Gave a special bonus for Raul after "tragic loss"
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# 2775 Renee Jo 9 Feb 16 Houston, TX
Thank you. Gentlemen (Waiter) at Chili's off 59 & Kirby Dr. treated my daughters and I to dinner unexpectedly. He was extremely nice. Best service yet! Thank you very much for your act of kindness. <3 SRJ
2/24/2016 Raul Sanchez
Awesome Renee! Thanks for posting. Sow it forward and keep it going with the same card ;)
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# 2847 Joshua j 25 Dec 15 Pasadena, TX
My wife and my little guy (1 1/2 years) were eating at Chili's for our family dinner. We don't have much and times are hard, so chili's is a monthly treat. Waitress told us that some guy paid for our meal. Our meal was $45 bucks!!! So thankful to whoever this guy is, I love this SowingDeeds Idea. I can't wait to pay it forward and track how far my good deed goes :-).
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# 2776 Raul Sanchez 13 Dec 15 Houston, TX
Today was an awesome and blessed day. Purchasing gloves remaining to be filled for homeless packages, Sarena (Target Manager) offered a cartwheel discount for 11 transactions. Cartwheel discount allows 1 puchase per person. As a kindness gesture to me, she saved me $66 for buying her remaining stocked gloves! Thanks so much Sarena! I'm looking forward to sowing it forward as we track how far #2776 goes...
12/13/2015 Raul Sanchez
Correction, saved $72!!! :)
12/13/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
Too awesome!!
12/13/2015 Rotary Club - Houston Skyline
God bless Target!!!
12/25/2015 Joshua j
Very awesome!!
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# 2521 Dolores Brown 12 Nov 15 Houston, TX
Leaving Doctor's office one evening I got in my car but left a folder full of my medical reports and information on the roof of the car. As I drove down the street the folder with all my personal medical information fell onto the street with passing traffic. Two people stopped their cars and blocked traffic including this card holder and helped gather all my paperwork for me. I am a senior citizen and it was hard for me to stoop but these people touched my heart especially this young man who remained to help and offer me this card to report the good deed. I wish to thank him so much. I do not know how I could have gathered all my personal information without his help. Thank you, Thank you. God bless you.
11/12/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thanks so much for sharing Dolores! Let's see how far card # 2521 goes. Looking forward to seeing your good deed for someone else :)
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# 1192 Cynthia C 28 Oct 15 Galveston, TX
Angie, thank you so much for randomly initiating tutoring for my son. I think this Sowing Deeds concept is awesome! My son was doing poorly in math last year and without asking, Angie insisted to help my son this year. I will be glad to pay this forward and see how far my good deed goes ;-).
11/6/2015 Raul Sanchez
This is awesome! Thank you for sharing Cynthia.
11/13/2015 First Cup Cafe
What a blessing Cynthia! A good deed goes a long way ...
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# 1192 Angie A 29 Sep 15 League City, TX
Thanks for the coffee, whom ever you are. This is an awesome concept. My turn ;-)! Looking forward to seeing how far my good deed will go.
10/12/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thanks for the post Angie. Keep on keeping on ;).
11/13/2015 First Cup Cafe
Wow Angie! Math is killing GPA's everywhere this school year. So kind of you to offer tutoring!!! Love it!
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# 1357 claire 26 Sep 15 Houston, TX
took my child out for ice cream today. when i got to the drive thru window to pay, i was told the person in front of me had paid for my order and had left me the card. what an awesome thing to do and what a great lesson for my child. there wasn't a customer behind me, so I left cash for them to apply to the next order they received. Great idea!!!! Thank you!!!
9/27/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
Too awesome!
9/28/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thanks for posting Claire. I'm excited to see how far #1357 goes. Keep the chain going ;)
9/29/2015 Angie A
Really great to see that your child was able to experience a random acts of kindness. Hopefully the next customer received your card with the cash credit ;-). Looking forward to seeing where this grows. This is good stuff.
10/28/2015 Cynthia C
too cool!
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# 1126 Jessica S. 24 Sep 15 Austin, TX
WoW!! i love this idea! Some random person paid for my gas today. I walked inside Exxon to pay, and the guy told me that i have a $20 credit. I was like "uhm, I haven't swiped my card yet". He then handed me this Sowing Deeds card and told me that an earlier customer gave him $20 to pay for the next gas customer. This is awesome I will Sow it Forward as the card say's ;-)
9/27/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
Really great story to read.
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# 2020 Rick Burnett 31 Aug 15 Houston, TX
"Angel Bob" drove all the way to my office to drop a donation for the family of the Officer who was shot and killed Friday night in Cypress. He saw a posting on Facebook that our Sunday School Class at Good Shepherd United Methodist church got $1,100 from our class to donate to the family and he want to add to the donations. "Angel Bob" always is God First and Others Second. Change the world one person at a time
8/31/2015 Raul Sanchez
This is great! Thank you so much for sharing Rick. I am looking forward to seeing the growth of the good deeds chain from card # 2020.
9/8/2015 Amanda
This is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing this Rick and thank you "Angel Bob" for your random act of kindness.
9/24/2015 Jessica S.
Truly amazing! Thank God for wonderful people like you and thank God for this Sowing Deeds idea. I'm excited to see how many other people will be impacted by this sow it forward thing.
9/26/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
9/29/2015 Angie A
I heard about this in Houston. So sorry. Really great for Angel Bob to step in. God bless you all and let's see how far card # 2020 can go ;)
10/28/2015 Cynthia C
way to go Angel Bob!!!!
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# 1004 Terry J 23 Aug 15 San Antonio, TX
So blessed to have good people in TEXAS!! Returning to San Antonio on I-10 and ran out of gas 20 miles before Bucee's. This lady and her bf pulled over to help. Without hesitation, they took me to Bucee's, bought me a gas can and filled with gas. Returned me and left. They didn't want payment back, they just handed me this Sowing Deeds card and told me to do something good for someone else and post how they impacted me. This is awesome!!! Thank you so much which ever your name is. I didn't get ya'lls name! I'm going to move card forward with kindness to someone else. Excited about this!!!
8/31/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you for sending this continuing the chain of good deeds through San Antonio. Awesome! :-)
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# 2445 Raul Sanchez 15 Aug 15 Houston, TX
Awesome random act of kindness from Darlene Jarrar. Thank you so much for the TEXANS tickets, parking pass and ONE HUNDRED$!!! (see attached photo). Thank you very much for this blessing. I will indeed Sow it forward with a good deed and pass this card along! Let's see how long this chain can grow. :)
8/15/2015 Darlene Jarrar
Raul, you have worked so hard on Sowing Deeds since I met you in May, 2014. You do not know how much it made my heart feel good to do this for you!
8/15/2015 Raul Sanchez
Thank you very much Darlene. The game tonight is definitely a way to celebrate hard work!! I'm excited for sowing deeds and how it will change our world.
9/8/2015 Mary Lou Cardona
This is a great donation Darlene. Raul, keep up the great job on sowing deeds. Soo looking forward to seeing the growth of good deeds and the growth of this social media of goodness concept.
9/24/2015 Jessica S.
Awesome good deed!!! Love this site by the way :)
9/29/2015 Angie A
Wow, nice deed Darlene!
12/13/2015 Rotary Club - Houston Skyline
Very cool! Way to go Darlene!
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# 1761 Susan P 12 Aug 15 Boulder, CO
I was crying outside of my work office building. This woman came up to me offering to help. I told her "no one can help my situation!". I explained to her that I recently lost my job and I am pregnant. I felt like such a failure. She smiled at me and told me to have faith. Then told me that she has a brother who owns a company and is looking for an admin. I told her that I don't have resources to get her a resume. She replied "No resume needed, you are hired. I am going to tell my brother to hire you on the spot". I was so thankful and asked what I can do to show my appreciation. She told me to just Sow it Forward. She gave me this card and told me to post on sowingdeeds and then do something good for someone else. This is awesome!!!!
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